Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, I made my dad this card, wish i had more time to work on it, but ohs wells. He loved it. I love my dad.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Classes

I haven't documented any of my figure work from this year nor have I taken any decent pictures of my work from painting class. I discovered the battery to my camera exploded today. Its all pasty white and green inside my camera... yum.
My first figure painting :) I was so uberly excited.
And my first portrait. Mr. Marcus Michels is the best teacher ever!

Intro to Graphic Design

Had a very interesting time in this class, I'm more than willing to learn graphic design, but it's definitely not possible to learn it all within a semester. Had a little rocky start but I think it turn out alright.
Band Poster for Tegan & Sara. I like the process linework a lot more than the final. I became a little too obsessed with the live trace button in Illustrator, lesson well learned.
We had to design a magazine and we pretty much could do whatever we want. I never really did anything cute before, thought it was a good opportunity to see if I can. We had to do a cover, two spreads and all the fun stuff.
Here is my packaging design for GenT Tapioca Bubble Tea. I really wish I had better documentation on this project.
And finally my business card done in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration Media

Illustration Media with Don Brandes is probably one of the best class ever. These were all done within first semester of sophomore year.
I think this might have been the first assignment... I love pens <3
"Every hair on the dog" assignment. I love owls, I had a lot of fun doing this one.

A scratchboard of Jon Stewart. I love the Daily Show. I gave this to my Dad for Christmas, he loves it :3
Playing with watercolors, a portrait of a really good friend.
I did another portrait of her in a paper cut out, currently mia....
Thank you Lindsay for letting me draw your face so many times. :)
Another quick watercolor exercise

Sophomore Year

I greatly apologize, it's been almost a year since the last time I've posted on here. I promise to do a better job once everything is updated. Here are some illustrations that came out of my Illustration I class this year.
The assignment was to illustrate an idiom, so here's to Drink like a Fish.
This was extra credit I didn't get a chance to finish, but since its summer I have some time to do so. Yay for process work.

Another assignment was to illustrate a conversation. A girl talking to her imaginary friend. Instead it looks like a ill child having delusional conversations.
This is based of a short story "The Hand."
One of my favorite pieces. We had to illustration an emotion so I did euphoric. 8x16in microns with watercolor.