Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tuffy's Tale

Has been a very productive week. I'm very anxious for thanksgiving break and relax for a little bit. Below are some promotional images for a group project I had to do for Computer Illustration. We pitched a video game aimed for children, so its very cute and educational. The story is about a girl named Sophie in search for her adorable dog, Tuffy, after he runs of into a creepy wonderland of the Big Bad Wolf. She musters up the courage and enters this scary world accompany by her three trusty piggy companions.  Everything is done in Illustrator. Enjoy!

 I also made stickers, I'm a big sucker for cute things. Here are some designs.

Here are some sticker samples I made.

Team Members:
Jimmy Brennick
Lauren Brown
Will Kirkpatrick
Allyson Haskell

Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Sketches


I found my old sketchbook from last year, I really do enjoy this sketchbook, working on recycled paper is so much fun. I like to use microns with white gel pens for highlights. I'm still on a search for the perfect sketchbook. Here are a few sketches from figure class and Fews.


Here is a recent figure painting done in oils. A quick one session pose during Fews, if you haven't been to Fews yet, please go, it's one of the best programs at Ringling, drawing the human form from life is the best practice an artist can get.