Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tuffy's Tale

Has been a very productive week. I'm very anxious for thanksgiving break and relax for a little bit. Below are some promotional images for a group project I had to do for Computer Illustration. We pitched a video game aimed for children, so its very cute and educational. The story is about a girl named Sophie in search for her adorable dog, Tuffy, after he runs of into a creepy wonderland of the Big Bad Wolf. She musters up the courage and enters this scary world accompany by her three trusty piggy companions.  Everything is done in Illustrator. Enjoy!

 I also made stickers, I'm a big sucker for cute things. Here are some designs.

Here are some sticker samples I made.

Team Members:
Jimmy Brennick
Lauren Brown
Will Kirkpatrick
Allyson Haskell

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