Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100 Sketch Challenge

Hello! I know its been awhile since I've last posted on here, a lot of things have happen since then :3 I relocated to a new town and started working at David and Goliath as a graphic designer. I previously interned with them during the summer of last year and here I am now! I am very thankful to be working here, I have been learning so many cool things and absolutely love the creative team I'm on. With that said, I haven't been doing much personal cafe sketches and I miss it dearly.

This past weekend I did a 100 sketch challenge at my favorite place to draw, Barnes and Noble. I didn't realize when I moved up here, there was one located less than five minutes away (Its meant to be ;P) The purpose of this challenge was to break my previous method of drawing, which was slow and emotionless. I wanted to block people in quickly before they got up and left. I purchased a set of scented highlighter found in the clearance section that proved useful towards the end of the session.

It wasn't my best weekend of drawing but it's a start and I will definitely try this out again. For now I shall do another challenge of 100 noses because I seem to struggle with those a lot, be on the look out for the next blog post to see how they go. I've always wanted to draw a whole bunch of noses, hands, etc. I some how managed to not get those assignments when I was in art school.