Thursday, December 20, 2012

Senior Year


Fall semester of senior year has come to an end. It has been an eventful semester full of exploration and confirmation on my passions. I experimented with different approaches to my illustrations. Majority of my artwork is cute hyped with bright colors and executed in vectors. This semester, I tried to incorporate a sketch linework quality into the final piece. Lots of trial and errors, I'm not sure if they turned out successful or not. 

Above is a snippet of a triptych I did of my three roommates. One of my favorite things to do is sketch portraits. This project was an attempt to make something more of those sketches while including my love for patterns. Below is part of an illustration on Grimm fairy tales. Now that the term is over, I plan on revisiting all these illustrations. I won't give up :) 

Overtime, I found myself going back surface pattern design and cute things. I learned to embrace my obsession with color. Below is my senior self portrait, conveying my love for food and cute things. I'm look forward to my final year at Ringling, very excited to produce my senior project.